Self Help for Insomnia – Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a Japanese healing art that is based on 26 energy centers that run throughout the body. The energy centers are open when the energy is in balance and they close when there is dis-ease and disharmony in the body.  The healing art uses the light touch of the hands to bring harmony and balance back into the body.

One of the theories of Jin Shin Jyutsu is that sleep is related to digestion and digestion is related to our thoughts. When we are thinking too much or worried, this will affect our sleep. We not only digest food but we digest thoughts and the information in the world around us. So when we are having trouble sleeping it may be because we are consumed with our thoughts and our bodies need a little help to digest those thoughts. So by harmonizing our digestion we harmonize our ability to sleep. Through Jin Shin Jyutsu we can see how everything relates and is interconnected. 

This is one of my favorite self help holds. I use this to help me relax and fall asleep. It is helpful just before bed and when you wake up at night and can’t fall asleep. 

Directions: Place the right center of the palm on the left mound of the thumb palm side and wrap all your fingers around the left thumb.

Then place the left center of the palm on the right mound of the thumb palm side and wrap all your fingers around the right thumb.

Do this hold for 5 minutes or more on each side (but if you can’t do it for that long, just hold for a few minutes or as long as is comfortable). If you fall asleep, then the hold will keep working until your hands fall away.

Holding the thumb also helps
– Digestion
– Headaches
– Stress and nerves
– Skin surface
– When we have to sit a lot
– Stomach and spleen energy
– Worry

Any questions please feel free to contact me. 

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