About Noel

My journey to self healing started about 15 years ago when I was suffering from health problems. I developed food allergies and gastrointestinal problems and was having trouble eating foods that in the past had not bothered me. I was barely able to eat anything without issues. I was searching for someone to help me and a friend recommended a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist. I saw him for about 5 years. He helped me clear all my allergies and my digestion greatly improved. Because of this experience I became interested in Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and self healing. I started studying Ayurveda medicine a few years ago.

Banyon Temple, Angkor Wat, Cambodia

I started practicing yoga in college and my study of yoga has led me to study Buddhism. I enjoy the peace and calmness of mind that comes with my meditation practice. I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training in Kerala, India in 2013. I have been fortunate to be able to travel to many different countries and I enjoy exploring and learning about different cultures. A large part of my travels I have spent in Latin America where I learned to speak Spanish.

I finished my masters in art education in 2008 and I taught young students for a few years. I had been practicing a healing technique called Universal White Time Healing since 2009 and was looking for something more accessible for everyone. I wanted to find something that helps clients heal themselves. I believe most of the best results come when people are involved with their own healing process. My good friend had been telling me how great Jin Shin Jyutsu was and I finally tried it for myself. After my first session I felt so relaxed and my mind was so calm. The feeling was similar to how I feel after I am finished with a very deep meditation. I was initially attracted to JSJ because of its gentle approach. I am a person who is very sensitive to healing techniques and have always enjoyed the more gentle modalities. I practice JSJ self healing on myself everyday and I have seen many improvements on the calmness of my mind and my overall health.

San Francisco, California

    In 2019, I experienced breathwork for the first time and it had a profound effect in my life. I found a way to access information hidden in my body and subconscious. Doing breathwork on a consistent basis helped my life in such an incredible way, I decided to start my breathwork course with David Elliot in October 2019. I have finished the 4th course and certification in June 2020.

Oaxaca, Mexico

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