“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thought.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Breathwork helps the body release tension, emotions, memories, trauma and pain from the body and the nervous system. An added benefit is that it increases oxygen in the body creating more vitality and a euphoric feeling after a session. It is a gentle way to connect with the heart and release what the body is ready to let go of. Each client is encouraged and empowered to be a participant in their own healing process. The mind and body connection is key in healing emotional, physical, mental and spiritual disharmony. This process is to help encourage self healing and self confidence. I look forward to going on this journey to more vitality, balance and harmony in your life. Start your healing process today!


Breathwork Session

A session is 75 minutes long, it is a somatic practice with music to help calm the mind and produce a euphoric feeling. We will start the session by chatting to get to know one another. Then you will begin an active 2 part pranayama from the David Elliot tradition for 25 minutes. You will end with a 15 minute restorative meditation and a discussion about the experience. The session will be conducted via video Zoom.


*I offer a discounted rate for Bocas Del Toro residents. If you live in Bocas Del Toro and would like to schedule a virtual session or an in person session please send me a message here and a coupon code will be sent to you.


Clara Gordillo

Interpreter and Tour Guide; Bocas Del Toro, Panama

“In a moment of my life when my inner search was getting more and more important, I met Noel. She introduced me to breathwork and it opened yet another door to my soul. The first time it was done in a group, and it blew my mind how powerful it was! Just afterward I couldn’t t speak for a while, I was too busy with all my own thoughts and feelings. But after awhile something deep released and loosened up. I spent a very pleasant, light and joyful evening with a few participants that shared in the group breathwork. The following time it was a one to one session and I honestly had a bit of apprehension because I knew how powerful it could be – it s not always easy to look so deep into your true self- and I had a harder time to let myself go into it; and still, it was a very interesting and insightful experience. I especially liked what Noel had to tell me, what she saw and experienced from outside. Thank you very much Noel for having crossed my path.”


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